The Kompany Entertainment is a premiere production service company specializing in providing production services for European clients shooting in the United States. The Kompany has more than 10 years of production experience in the US has an in-depth and unique knowledge in facilitating all types of productions anywhere in the United States.

We understand the needs of your clients and know what you expect of your productions. We work on a daily basis with some of the world’s most talented and experienced cinematographers, production managers, location scouts and production designers etc, guaranteeing an incomparable professional production experience. We have a comprehensive knowledge in securing talent, locking locations and dealing with local authorities – encompassing everything that ensures a smooth and seamless production for your company and client.

With offices in both Copenhagen and Los Angeles we are able to utilize the time difference between continents, often giving you the benefit of gaining an extra workday when preproduction time is limited.

We take pride in solving all production problems smoothly and meeting our client’s needs without going over budget. The Kompany looks forward to being your partner in production and building a strong work relationship across the Atlantic.